Privacy Statement/Risk Assesment

HazardsWho may be harmed and howControls in placeFurther required action
Display screen equipmentSelf – poor posture, pain, discomfort or injuries from over usage or improper use, or from poorly designed work stations. Headaches/sore eyes from poor lightingRegular breaks – Desks + Seats at appropriate heights – Good lighting – Regular eye testsN/A
NoiseSelf / Visitors – Discomfort + potential hearing damageRegular breaks – Effective use of ear defenders – Sound reduction padsN/A
Drum KitSelf/VisitorsEnsure kit is correctly set upMaintain kit standards
Hand SanitizerSelf/Visitors – Irritation, fireAdvise visitors on safe use – Ensure it is stored out of direct heatN/A
Slips and TripsSelf/Visitors – Stumbles and falls can result in injuryLighting – Regular cleaning – Escort visitors and point out potential hazardsImprove pathway and lighting
ElectricalSelf/Visitors – Electrocutions or firesRegular checks of equipment – Removal of faulty itemsN/A

All lessons are filmed on a 24 hour CCTV Camera. Footage is recorded but only reviewed if an incident occurs. In addition, parent details such as names, email addresses and phone numbers are stored in a locked Excel document.

If this might be an issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch.