Drum lessons that
never miss a beat.


Don’t worry – we’re still teaching! We’ve taken all the necessary precautions, in accordance with government guidelines. Please read our full COVID policy here.

High value,
Low cost.


A quality drum lesson with an experienced and helpful teacher – for 30 minutes. Great for beginners just starting to get into drumming, for a super low price.


An extended lesson with a professional teacher. Good for higher level drummers who’d like slightly longer lessons and more teaching time.


Hire a drum pad from us – completely free of charge! Great for beginners who want an easy way to practice and improve their skills.

*£10 deposit applies.

On the fence? No problem.

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No strings attached.

(they're drums, after all!)

we know our opinion's biased.

don't just take our word for it.

"Fun and Exciting teacher"

"very good at teaching for a very good price. Would highly recommend."

"an excellent teacher who really has a gift for communicating with and enthusing children"

"I couldn’t be happier with our decision"

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